Loki Mountain Hoodie

More than Meets the Eye


Over the summer we introduced you to Loki and their Midi Micro Fleece. Now with the weather turning wetter and colder Loki has submitted their Mountain Hoodie for Gear Patrol to put through the proverbial paces.

After a few weeks of wear I must profess my love for the Mountain Hoodie. Not only does it have the same great Loki Mitt and Face Shield we’ve come to love from Loki, but the Mountain Hoodie added a vented nose patch in the face shield called M_Breathe. A nice touch during extended usage. The lining of the jacked is soft fleece that is both warm and incredibly comfortable. And, even though the jacket isn’t billed as waterproof it will certainly stand up to moderate-to-heavy for quite a while before you notice any seepage. The Mountain Hoodie has become my go-to jacket this fall. While not a heavy jacket the Mountain Hoodie has been more than adequate for temps down to about 40 degrees. For colder conditions, you’ll want to start layering and/or up the intensity of your activities.


For me, I appreciate how light the Mountain Hoodie wears. This jacket is built for those who plan to be in action. Literally. Bottom line is that the jacket won’t get in your way, even during very active use. My time hiking and bouldering in the Hudson Valley was made much easier by the lack of layers I had to cart along with me. Not to mention how easy it is to pop out the built-in mittens when the wind whipped up. The Mountain Hoodie also has two large and two small front pockets that lay flat when not in use. There’s even a headphone access port on the inside so you never have to endanger your electronics to inclement conditions.

Editors Note: The sleeves are 3.5″ longer to accommodate the Loki Mitt. After a few days you won’t even notice the longer sleeves. Otherwise the jackets fits to a normal size chart (though with an athletic influence). If you are unfamiliar with Loki, read our earlier review here and check out the instructional video below.

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