Our Favorite Sunglass Brand Just Released Its Best Frame Yet

The all-new District Vision Kaishiro is the ultimate pair of running sunglasses.


Traditionally, running sunglasses look like they’re moving at 100 mph, even when you’re standing still. When you hit the coffee shop post-run, or stop into the grocery store after you’ve put your miles in, it’s a bummer to look like you’ve just lost in an Olympic sprint. You’re not a professional runner, so you don’t need to look like one — but why shouldn’t you have the same performance? That’s the idea behind District Vision. We’ve covered the brand’s frames before. The Nagata was even awarded our GP100 product award last year. But DV’s latest frame aim to be the ultimate pair of running sunglasses.

The all-new Kaishiro is aimed at runners who don’t stick to one discipline. Like to hit the trail midway through your road run? No problem. The frame-and-lens combo was developed in Japan and tested by runners in Colorado, California and New York, who provided feedback for a variety of different lighting conditions before District vision landed on the production version. Best of all, the shades look incredible and ditch the high-speed neon colorways for an understated and sophisticated look.

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