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This Workout Recovery Tool Is My New WFH Essential

In the age of WFH, my underutilized calf stretcher found some new (and much-needed) purpose.

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Confession: I kind of hate working from home and have always gone great lengths to avoid it. In college, for example, I would sleep on the library floor before big exams, rather than bring any sort of work into my dorm room.

So when COVID-19 struck last year, I found myself completely unprepared, both mentally and product-wise, to spend the foreseeable future working out of my domicile. I didn't own a desk or some fancy ergonomic chair; I didn't even have enough available outlets for an external monitor.

Those first few weeks of quarantine were an exercise in home-office experimentation, and I'd find myself asking weird questions like, Can this calf-stretching incline board I bought to treat my plantar fasciitis double as a footrest?

Turns out, it can. And it's really good at it, too, boasting five adjustable angles and anti-slip tape that keep my feet from sliding to the floor. It's made of plywood, but that shouldn't deter you: it's rock-solid and looks better than most other footrests you'll find out there. This one by Humanscale is comparable, perhaps even a little better-looking, but it also costs 10 bucks more.

Now, you could buy an actual footrest by the same company, StrongTek. But my solution offers all the same benefits — reduced foot fatigue, increased circulation — plus one (when I'm not lazy): happy calf muscles. I can't recommend it enough.

Price: $62.99


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