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One of the Best Travel Mugs Just Got an Awesome Upgrade

Stanley patented the design for the double-wall insulated mug back in 1913, but such a long legacy isn't stopping it from making improvements.

a blue insulated mug next to hiking boots

Even if you haven't actively identified it, you've probably seen one of Stanley's travel mugs in the wild. The company patented the design for the vacuum-sealed steel bottle over one hundred years ago. Since then, its drinkware — particularly its dimpled-green travel mugs and thermoses — has become iconic. But the weight of such a legacy hasn't stopped the company from innovating; take its new titanium collection as proof.

Titanium is both incredibly lightweight and durable, as well as corrosion-resistant, which is why you're just as likely to find it in a state-of-the-art airplane as you are in a spork for ounce-counting backpackers. Or a travel mug.

three titanium mugs of different heights near plants

Stanley's Titanium Series includes a handle-equipped camp mug, a handle-free "Multi-Cup" that can pull double duty as an insulated koozie, and a tall, lean travel mug. Those looking for hints of the company's classic past should take note of the latter, which is an update of sorts to its Trigger-Action Travel Mug. The titanium iteration includes the same double-wall insulation that'll keep coffee or tea warm for longer than it'll take you to drink it and is slim enough to slip into your car's cup holder. It also has a small yet handy upgrade in the form of a loop that you can clip to the outside of a bag.

Titanium isn't cheap, though, and neither are these mugs. Available exclusively at REI, they go for $80 and up, each.

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