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This New Headlamp May Be the Best Ever Made

Backed by years of R&D and loaded with smart tech, the ultra-bright BioLite HeadLamp 750 is a big leap forward for the category.

biolite headlamp 750

With a history of impressive headlamp launches dating back years, BioLite truly has nothing to prove in the space. But the brand just keeps doing it anyway. The latest example? The BioLite HeadLamp 750, a new release so loaded with adventure-friendly features, we hardly know where to start.

Like previous releases, the streamlined, 5.29-ounce unit distributes the electronics and power throughout the headband, keeping the weight off your forehead, reducing bounce and enabling you to tilt the light down with one hand. In addition, the following game-changing features really stand out.

True Illumination

biolite constant mode

Dirty secret: most headlamps only give you the advertised brightness for a limited time, steadily dimming to conserve battery life. But the 750's Constant Mode lets you set a level of brightness (up to a radiant 500 lumens) and keep it there as long as you like. During technical, climbing and hiking or even just making camp in the dark, that difference can be critical.

Continuous Charging

biolite run forever

All that brightness won't drain the battery, either; it'll run for two hours at 500 lumens and eight-plus hours in reserve power mode. But that's not all — the 750 also boasts Run Forever Mode. Use the included three-foot cable to tap into an external power bank in your pack, and you can actually use your headlamp for extended hours while it continues to charge.

Not One, Not Two, but Eight Lighting Modes

biolite 750 front
Business in front: 5 lighting modes
biolite 750 back
Party in back: 3 lighting modes

That may seem like a lot, until you remember that this headlamp also has a taillight. The rear light enables a couple bonus illumination options. So along with red, white spotlight, white flood, white spotlight plus flood, 30-second burst (at a car headlight bright, potentially life-saving 750 lumens), white strobe in the front, the 750 also permits red solid and red strobe in the back.

Buy Now: $100

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