Get Backcountry's Latest Jacket For All Your Layering Needs

Yup, it's getting colder. Now's the right time to invest in the perfect mid-layer jacket.

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The key to staying warm isn’t simply about donning the chunkiest jacket you own. It’s about mastering a tried-and-true strategy: layering. Your layering essentials should be versatile and warm, but don't need to necessarily add bulk to your fit. Start off with a base layer to wick away sweat, wear a middle layer to retain body heat and then top it off with an outer layer to protect you from wind and rain. Now, those three steps might sound simple, but the truth is that layering is an art form. Pick the wrong mid-layer and you can feel super bulky, will barely be able to move and end up getting trapped in your own sweat. So to help conquer the season, Backcountry’s Hallet Insulated Hooded Jacket helps you with your layering needs. The jacket is a versatile mid-layer for active pursuits, providing synthetic insulation for warmth with low-bulk. Its exterior sports a water-repellent finish which helps you shed light dirt and moisture. What’s even better, is the face fabric and insulation are both recycled, making this an ideal addition to your closet this season.

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