Gift This Customizable Pocket Knife to Impress Your Loved Ones

Stuck on a unique gift for your loved ones? The Deejo Pocketknife is just the ticket.

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If you ask any Gear Patrol staff member about their pocket knife, they are likely to rave about how useful it is. You never know what task may pop up, and having a trusted tool makes your every day a lot easier. When it comes to knives, Deejo knows them well — the brand has long crafted beautiful and functional blades that make for great gifts. We took a closer look at how Deejo captures elegance, timeless style and craftsmanship with its line of pocket knives.

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Fits Easily Into Your EDC: If you’re looking for a blade for your everyday carry, the last thing you want is something heavy to lug around. Your pocket knife should fit seamlessly in your already existing EDC — and Deejo believes that the best pocket knife is the one you actually carry in your pocket on an everyday basis. Deejo knives are so light that they’re even named by their weight — from 15 grams to 37 grams of pure craftsmanship. Easily slot your Deejo knife in your jeans pocket, a messenger bag or your suit. You won’t even notice it’s there until you need it.


Customizable To Your Style: Whether it’s your keychain or your wallet, your personal items should match your style. The same goes for your pocket knife — which is why Deejo offers ultimate customization to help take your style to the next level. You can "tattoo' the blade with unique designs to add a level of elegance to your look, or add a message to the handle and mark a special occasion. Because after all, if you’re carrying your knife every day, you’re going to want to be proud of it.


The Perfect Gift for Anyone: No matter who you’re shopping for, a Deejo knife is a one-of-a-kind gift. Pick from one of its many collections to reflect your loved one’s personality — whether that's your favorite cousin, best friend or even your dad. There’s nothing quite like a gift that not only looks and feels great, but one that's useful and will see action every day.


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