Add a Pop of Color to Your Kit with These Goggles


smith optics goggles snow
Smith Optics

Humans are, for the most part, highly visual creatures — especially when it comes to extreme sports and the great outdoors. It's no surprise then, that a sunny mountain top covered in pristine white snow presents something of a challenge to folks attempting to ski down it. In fact, if there's one thing skiers and scuba divers need more than water itself, it's a good pair of goggles. As for the former, these new Squad MAG Goggles from Smith Optics are just about as good as it gets. From interchangeable ChromaPop™ lenses to easy helmet-integration and fog-free performance, find out exactly what makes the new Squad MAG Goggles so great below.

smith optics goggles snow
Smith Optics


Pop Go The Details: Smith's ChromaPop™ lenses enhance the contrast and natural color of the wearer's visual field, which is never more useful than when you're about to slice into a swathe of untouched powder. Swap out the stale sepia tone lenses you've been using for some of these bad boys and your life will be a lot more, well... colorful.


It Must Be MAG-ic: The Squad MAG Goggles feature Smith's MAG™ lens change system, which uses magnets for quick, easy and convenient lens changes. Say goodbye to the spare goggles in your backpack for when the clouds roll in — just swap the lenses out on the fly and make the most of your time on the mountain.


No Fogging Way: Smith built the Squad MAG Goggles to be ultra-compatible with its line of helmets, designing not only for optimal comfort and temperature regulation, but fog-free performance too.

BUY NOW: $220

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