This Could Be The James Brand’s Most Advanced Pocket Knife Yet

When it comes to pocketknives that belong in your EDC, The James Brand wins hands-down.

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The James Brand

When it comes to pocketknives that belong in your EDC, The James Brand wins hands-down. The iconic brand started functional yet stylish knives and tools in Portland Oregon in 2012, with the mission of creating design-forward renditions. And over the past few years, it has won awards for its craftsmanship and innovation. Every tool is built by the using the most cutting-edge tech available and takes out anything unessential — leaving a streamlined form. It goes without saying that you can’t go wrong with any of its products, but its latest release, The Carter is its most advanced knife to date. We took a closer look at The Carter to learn more about why it's beloved by so many.

the james brand carter
The James Brand


Small, But Mighty: The Carter sports a blade that’s less than three inches in length, but don’t let its small size fool you. Its partially-serrated blade is capable of doing all kinds of work — whether you’re slicing tomatoes, cutting ropes or opening packages.


Secure and Easy to Use: The saying "safety first" applies to knives as much or more so than it does anything else. That's why The James Brand engineered The Carter with a slide-lock. The technology allows your blade to be securely locked and can be operated with one hand. Plus, The Carter can be used ambidextrously.


Well-Designed: If you’re going to carry a knife on you at all times, it should be something that matches your refined personal style. The Carter's G10 scale material sports a unique pattern, its pocket clip is polished and removable, and it even comes with a lanyard attachment — each touch fits the form meets function mantra.

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