Deejo's Custom Pocketknives Make the Ideal Holiday Gift

With the option to "tattoo" your blade, it's easy to make something that's sure to please.

deejo custom knives

If you're shopping for an heirloom-worthy knife to gift this season, look no further than Deejo. The brand offers not only high quality pocketknives, but also allows you to fully customize them by "tattooing" the blade. It makes it easy to make something unique to you, or in this case, unique to the lucky person you're gifting it to. But the customization only tells half the story. Deejo's pocketknives are also lightweight, and fit seamlessly into your EDC. It's a unique, lightweight companion that will last for years. If you're still on the fence, Deejo is currently offering free shipping with the purchase of a 37g knife and a belt sheath — no code necessary.

Price: $30+


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