This Heated Vest Could Be Your New Secret Weapon

Braving the frigid temps of winter never looked so easy.


How many times have you shivered through a frigid day and dreamed of the hot fireplace back home? ewool’s PRO heated vest applies that warmth directly to your shoulders, back, chest and neck. This heated mid-layer is perfect for wearing under your favorite jacket, and offers plenty of heat for braving cold weather, without any extra bulk. Its thin, stretch-fit design fits like a glove and keeps its 42 watts of powered heating close by. It's designed in Canada, which, happens to have some pretty cold winters — that explains why it's five times more powerful than any other heated vest on the market. So whether you're heading out to chop down a Christmas tree or venturing to your local ski resort for a few laps in brutal cold, ewool will get you through.

Price: $398


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