Battle Spring Showers With These 3 Clever Upgrades

A unique dry bag, towel and blanket that all pack down to insanely small sizes, making them easy to keep with you and stay prepared for anything.


Spring weather is the definition of volatility. Rain strikes on a whim, as does the urge to hit the coast in the middle of a surprise sunny day. But even the best dry gear can’t help you if you leave it at home. That’s why Matador, based in Boulder, Colorado, specializes in making adventure essentials that pack down to almost nothing, making it easy to stay prepared for anything.

Matador Droplet & Droplet XL Dry Bags


Don’t be fooled by their palm-sized silicon carrying cases and integrated carabiners. The bags inside have a capacities of 3 and 20 liters respectively. The keychain version includes draw strings for closing, while the XL upgrades things to a Hypalon rolltop closure, YKK buckle and taped seams. Use either to protect essential tech in wet conditions or pack damp clothing back home.

Buy Now: $15 (Droplet From the Gear Patrol Store)$40 (Droplet XL From the Gear Patrol Store)

Matador NanoDry Trek Towel


Whether you’re backpacking or just headed to the gym, this super-absorbent and quick-drying towel wicks moisture away and packs down to roughly the size of a Zippo lighter. It also fights odors with an anti-microbial Gold Coat and includes a snap loop for hang drying.

Buy Now: $35 (From the Gear Patrol Store)

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0


The pocket blanket is the first product Matador ever released. The company’s latest version is water repellent and puncture resistant; plus, it comfortably fits two people sprawled out and more sitting upright. It even includes corner weights that can be pulled out to act as mini stakes, as well as pockets for leveraging sand on the beach. Packing for a festival or for a beach trip just got easier.

Buy Now: $35 (From the Gear Patrol Store)

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