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Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons

4 out of 5 dentists recommend


There is a moment during club testing when you know: love ’em, hate ’em, or total indifference. One shot sways your opinion. For this author, it came on my first swing with the 4-iron. I knew as I watched the buttery smooth baby fade that I was happy, very happy. Why exactly? I never felt it, and given that it was a frosty 33 degrees during my test, that’s saying a lot.

Last year Nike Golf finally “got it” and produced some amazing offerings in the driver and putter category. 2011 must be the year of the iron. With clean lines and technology to help even out your ball flight, the Nike VR Pro Cavity $700 looks to be another winner. To accomplish this, Nike created Opti-Mass Weighting. Through the use of a tungsten-resin inserts, the center of gravity (CG) is adjusted specifically for each club. Meaning, the ball flight apex for each club is closer together (don’t read the same, think in more gradual terms). No more skying wedges, or hitting 5-irons so low your buddies have the hit the dirt. Weighted inserts are nothing new, but Nike is really on to something by gradually reducing the impact to control the club’s CG — a little added pop on the long irons, much-needed feel with the scoring irons.


The address view is one of classic lines. The Opti-Mass Weighting is subtly concealed in the cavity making the clubs look much more traditional than many of today’s gaudy irons. This golfer counts that as a plus. The blade width is slightly thinner than the X20 Tours I currently play, but had enough mass to provide plenty of reassurance. With True Temper Dynalite 110 shafts, the VR Pro Cavity irons have a solid, substantial feel. Not heavy, but I know if I make solid contact the ball will fly true without any extra effort.

It should be noted that these irons are not for everyone. They are not intended to provide super-game improvement and don’t “hit themselves”. If you’ve broken through the “bogey golfer” plateau and are looking for a set of irons you can use while you develop into a single digit handicapper, than this is that set. If you are already a good golfer (mid/high single digits), looking for a little more consistently, then I highly recommend giving these a swing. Nike has opted to drop the 3-iron for an A-wedge in their standard set. A nice move that will give you more shot options. And no, fishing balls out of the creek with your 3-iron is not a good use for that club.

Editor’s Note: Low handicappers or those who are looking for more workability in their irons should look at the Nike VR Pro Combo .

Order Now (Available Feb 3rd): 4-iron – A-wedge $700

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