American Mountaineering’s First Family Launched an Outerwear Brand

From the proving ground of Washington’s Mount Rainier comes an outerwear brand for climbers, by climbers.

For-athlete, by-athlete brands are not uncommon. The idea is a good one — athletes are constantly in the field, so they know what gear should be and what’s just superfluous — but in a saturated market, many get drowned out and overshadowed by big brands with big business acumen. That’s why my ears perked up when I heard about a new climber-founded outerwear brand, MtnLogic, which launched at the beginning of 2017 through its exclusive partnership with Polartec. For many, Polartec is the industry gold standard. Period. And the folks designing and testing on the MtnLogic side should be taken seriously as well.

Peter Whittaker, son of legendary American mountaineer Lou Whittaker and an accomplished climber in his own right, is the brains of the operation; consider Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. and its 60+ guides to be the muscle. Each product is put through the ringer over hundreds of thousands of vertical feet of testing on Mount Rainier and other peaks before the details are finalized. That’s how the team came up with its “100K Promise,” the minimum testing level and an assurance that every garment, from this lightweight hoodie to these insulating shorts, is mountain ready. MtnLogic’s inaugural Alpine Workwear line was released in April; look forward to the brand expanding its offerings further down the road.

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