The Best Mountain Bike Pack Available Is This Fanny Pack

Ditch your mountain bike backpack and pick up one of these instead.

Unless you’re headed out on an all-day onslaught of mountain biking, a full-on mountain bike backpack is overkill. All you really need is a phone, wallet, tube, tool, pump/CO2, maybe a snack and water. Those essentials can fit easily in a hip pack and allow for better ventilation on your back as well as a better range of motion while on the bike. If that isn’t enough to convince you, what about the tagline “Futuristic hip packs from the future”?

High Above mountain bike hip packs are some of the best on the market. And they’re serious pieces of outdoor gear — despite the tagline and lighthearted feel of the brand’s website. Each High Above hip pack is designed and sewn in Bellingham, Washington. They come in three different models that vary in size and can be outfitted with an optional water bottle holder. Each material that High Above uses has been obsessed over and combined into a product that’s built to go the distance.

Buy Now: $60+

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