Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Kit

Be Abominable


If you’ve ever tried (and failed) to ride your bike in the winter and if you’re a big fan of public attention, feast your eyes (and your wallet) on the Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Kit ($529). Designed as an add on to your current two-wheeler, the Ktrak will enable you to pedal your way through snow with its front ski attachment and rear snow track, and assembly is easy using your bike’s quick releases. It operates on mountain bikes with both hardtail and suspensions setups. Manufactured in snow-familiar Canada, the kit provides an easily mountable rear traction system that duplicates snowmobile tracks (except that you provide the power). It works best in fresh snow or hardpack and is even good in relatively deep snow, though you won’t set any land speed records that way. Impress your Eskimo friends and get a workout in the process.

Buy Now: $529

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