Take Your Ride Further with the Ultimate Trail Helmet

The Trailblazer MIPS Helmet from Sweet Protection is safe, durable and comfortable.

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Sweet Protection

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Sweet Protection Trailblazer Mips Helmet

As you grow and evolve on the bike, so should your gear. With the Trailblazer MIPS helmet from Sweet Protection, you can ride with confidence no matter how advanced you get. It features an updated contemporary design that provides strength and performance, so you'll stay safe while looking good. The Trailblazer MIPS is the ultimate trail helmet and will keep your head protected and comfortable on your ride.

white sweet protection helmet front
Sweet Protection
white sweet protection helmet back
Sweet Protection

High Performing

Making sure you're safe on the trail is the single most important thing, and this helmet delivers on that. The Trailblazer MIPS achieved the highest ranking out of 120+ helmets for safety performance by the Virginia Tech Biomechanics lab.

High Tech

The Trailblazer MIPS Helmet delivers on strength and performance with its unique four-piece variable shell construction. The trickle-down shell technology is based on decades of experience and development resulting in a helmet you can trust.

Cool and Comfortable

With a front vent, an internal channel and an exhaust vent, the helmet cools down the temporal artery without exposing your temples (the most vulnerable area of the head) so you stay safe and secure without sacrificing your comfort.

Price: $180


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