Tons of Amazing Vintage Tour de France Memorabilia Is Now On Sale

Including photos that capture some of the Tour’s most historic moments.


Right now, hundreds of the world’s greatest cyclists are chugging along in northeastern France, quickly approaching the medieval streets of Troyes, in the 104th Tour. (Just now tuning in? Here’s everything you need to know about the most important cycling race of the year.) The race will end in Paris on July 23. Until then, The Horton Collection, a San Fransisco–based duo with one of the world’s most extensive collections of cycling memorabilia (over the past 25 years, Shelly and Brett Horton have amassed an estimated 15,000 objects and 170,000 vintage photographs), is having a sale on dozens of original, rider-signed lithographs and photo prints.

The photos are, as you’d expect from master art curators, hand picked and hand restored beyond their former glory, and capture some of the most historic moments in the Tour’s history: Eddy Merckx’s triumphant win in 1970, Gaston Degy’s crushing defeat in 1923, and much more. Outside of the Tour de France sale, the collection also includes pennants, medals, posters, road signs, jerseys, and prints from other Grand Tours.

Buy Now: $13+

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