The Kamoto Fire Pit Camps Well, Cooks Well and Cleans Up Well

Enjoying a fire-roasted dinner has never been better.


It’s summer. You want to be out in the woods, on the beach, and by the lake as much as humanly possible. But you also don’t want to leave a footprint — so next summer and the summer after that (and so on), that piece of land you love so much will be there just the same.

We’ve given tips in the past about leaving no trace — and that doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy a meal over an open flame. It’s one of the most nostalgic parts of camping — and one you can embrace with Primus, the Swedish company that’s been constructing trustworthy camping stoves since the 1890s. The first model may have been kerosine (you can still find that, too), but their elevated Kamoto fire pit can be used with coal or wood, so you can appreciate an open fire while still being a responsible wilderness enthusiast.


What’s even better about the Kamoto is the four-legged open-fire pan you can get to go along with it. It’s a simple upgrade, but it’s also a fine way to ensure it’s not just sausage on a stick for dinner. The tech is there too: Primus’s pans are a three-layer sandwich made of aluminum in the center and stainless steel on the top and bottom. It’s light and resistant to corrosion and scratching, yet it’s equipped with superior conductivity thanks to the aluminum core. A slight depression in the middle also means your resident chef can go the extra mile and deep fry some potatoes for you, too. Primus even made sure the legs are screwed into special lugs that won’t clog with fat or soot. The Kamoto pretty much has everything set for you to have a top-notch fire-roasted meal; just be sure to gather your wood over a wide area away from camp, or buy it from a local source, and burn all of it to white ash.

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