This Survival Knife Just Earned the Most Prestigious Award in Product Design

Awards aren’t just for Eames Chairs.


The Red Dot Award: a Holy Grail distinction awarded to products that iconify good and thoughtful design in a single item. Those that win earn a place in the halls of the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. It’s as prestigious as it sounds, and even more so for designers. That’s why it’s notable when a survival knife, an arguably simple tool that’s been around for ages, makes the cut.

Hultafors’ OK4 outdoor knife has survival utility forged at its purpose. Designed with professionals in mind, the 8.2-inch clip-point fixed blade is constructed with Japanese carbon knife steel and a durable plastic handle featuring a Santoprene grip. The blade is easy to sharpen after constant use and has been treated with an electrophoretic coating to prevent rust. Additional survival features include a ground spine meant for use with fire starters and a measurement diagram engraved into the side of the blade. It’s unfortunate that even just one of these knives has to spend its days in a museum instead of the wilderness.

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Knife Specs
Blade Length: 93mm (3.7 inches)
Total Length: 209mm (8.2 inches)
Weight: 150g (5.3 ounces)

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