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Your Dog Deserves the Same Technical Backcountry Gear as You

Because man’s best friend deserves man’s best equipment.


If you’re a weekend warrior, an everyday adventurer, a digital nomad — whatever you want to call it — and you’re a dog owner, then you’re frequently faced with a conundrum. How do you maintain a lifestyle built on frequent travel without neglecting your pet? Dogs are man’s best friend after all (everyone but weird cat people know that), and you wouldn’t lock up your best friend in a day prison while you go camping, so why would you board a dog at a kennel?

Besides, adventure dogs are a thing, and the same type of equipment that lets humans go backpacking, cliff jumping and snowboarding is available for canines; it’s made by an Oregon-based company called Ruffwear. The products aren’t strange and gimmicky; you won’t find paw-compatible crampons or anything like that. But you will find insulating layers, flotation devices, safety lights, backpacks and even a climbing harness, all designed with the same technical and durable materials used to make the gear you already use, constructed specifically for dog use.

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