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These Cycling Shoes Make for Stylish and Seamless Bike Commuting

Bike commuting just got more accessible, and more efficient.

Outdoor and athletic brands have it out for transition. Right now, the bulk of the innovation happening in the space is aimed at eliminating those times between activities and the rest of life, and despite expansive product lines, companies big and small are producing ultra-versatile jackets and t-shirts that can be worn forever (or so we’re meant to think). By now, you’ve heard all the tag lines: city-to-mountain, backcountry-to-bar — the list goes on. Most of these items are the result of improvements in garment technology and are more like iterations on products seen before. Others are the result of true innovations in design and thinking.

DZR shoes falls in that latter category. The San Francisco-based company is tackling the issue of bike commuting with its line of modern clipless shoes (for those unfamiliar with cycling jargon, “clipless” actually refers to shoes and pedals that use a cleat system to clip in while riding). The shoes work thanks to a design that’s reminiscent of Heely’s but far more practical — a rectangular hollow has been built into the outsole and can house a cycling cleat without the chunky metal protruding from the shoe. No more slipping and clacking around when off bike. The shoes also come in a variety of styles that range from more typical dirt shoes to sneakers and slip-ons more appropriate for urban settings. There’s even a Chelsea boot (gears-to-gallery?).

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