Why the Hell Are People Buying a Costco Surfboard?

Surfers love to bash on the Wavestormer like it’s a washed-up B-list celeb. But thousands of them sell every year.


A few days ago, The New Yorker published a fantastic story about the Wavestorm Classic, a dirt-cheap surfboard sold at Costco. The story explains why the $100 hunk of foam has become such an improbable icon in the world of surfing. It is loved and hated, scorned and adored. Many surfers bash on the Wavestorm like it’s a washed-up B-list celebrity, associating it with mediocrity — “No matter who you are, when you ride a Wavestorm, you’re a kook,” says big-wave surfer Shawn Dollar — though many cherish the board for its fun-loving, lighthearted spirit. To veteran surfers, the Wavestorm is a welcome excuse to break the sometimes suffocating codes and ethics of surfing — a way to become a care-free kook again. As for the real kooks, the Wavestorm is, as you might’ve guessed by the price tag, one of the best introductions to surfing.

Read the Story: Here

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