Ladcykel trioBike V2



Transporting your little tyke in a car is hard enough. Try it on a bike. Now try it with two. Now, jump through a burning ring of fire. Okay, you get it. It’s no picnic. If you use a trailer, it’s hard to see the kids and hard to negotiate a corner. If you use a rear seat, you can only transport one, and if you go for a tumble, it’s not pretty. Along comes the ingenious Ladcykel trioBike V2 ($3,815). Designed to transport children in extreme safety and convenience, it unifies an everyday pedal bike and a unique kid carrier to form a modern rickshaw trike that’s well-made, well-balanced and well, extremely cool. Approved and tested by the Danish (not the sweet roll) National Consumer Agency, the trioBike V2 passes more safety tests than you can think of. The bike itself has a very comfortable upright riding position, so don’t try pulling a Lance Armstrong, even though the trioBike V2 sports Shimano Nexus 7-speed gears and disc brakes. With the removal of the front wheel (and convenient undercarrier mounting), you can attach it to the carrier portion, which acts as a standalone carrier for two kids and should garner plenty of compliments all by itself. With 5 point safety belts, the seats in the carrier are also stain resistant. The retractable hood will dispel rain with ease with a front window for the kiddies and rear window so you see what the rugrats are up to. Just don’t start taking orders from them to jump any ramps.

Check out the Zigo Leader X2 Carrier for a lower priced alternative.

Buy Now: $3,815

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