The NBA's Klay Thompson Rolled Up to Last Night's Playoff Game E-Bike?

The Golden State Warriors shooting guard knows how to cruise in style.

klay thompson khs bike

Up until yesterday, the pre-game entrance for professional athletes was pretty standard: arrive in a vehicle, give a closed-mouth smile and wave, enter the locker room and prepare for the competition ahead. Lately though, with the NBA playoffs now in full swing, things are getting a little more interesting.

First, we witnessed the Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler's coffee addiction in full force, as he packed his $5,900 La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machine for life on the road. Then, Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson rolled up to April 27th's game versus the Denver Nuggets on an e-bike, adding some flair to his entrance — and another nail to the coffin of e-bike deniers.

To our expert eyes, the model in question is what looks to be an KHS Extended 2.0 — a class 2 pedal-assist e-bike equipped with enough power to get an NBA athlete to his game on time and in style.

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The Extended 2.0 features an 6061 Aluminum frame and 504Wh lithium-ion battery, as well as a Shimano Altus M2000 rear derailleur and nine-speed cassette. The handlebars, stem and brake levers are also lightweight, tough aluminum, adding to the bike's handling and durability.

The Extended 2.0 seems to have given Thompson the pep in his step to help his team win; the Warriors narrowly beat the Nuggets 102-98 in Game 5 of the playoffs, with Thompson netting 15 points and nine rebounds.

For anyone hoping to mimic Thompson's arrival vibes, the Extended 2.0 is available now for a cool $2,199.

KHS Extended 2.0
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