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This Gerber Flies Under the Radar to Earn a Spot in Your #EDC

What makes the Gerber Air Ranger worth talking about - by Gear Patrol Studios.

the gerber air ranger knife
Gear Patrol

Welcome to Talking Points, a series that looks at what makes some products worth talking about, brought to you by Gear Patrol Studios.

To serrate, or not serrate: that is the question. These days it seems straight blades have become the norm, but maybe it’s time for a vibe shift. Why? A serrated blade bites through everything from rope webbing to grilled steaks to packing tape with more alacrity than a non-serrated blade. It’s ready for anything, and isn't that sort of the point of a pocket knife?

Today we’re looking at something that represents the best of both worlds –– a knife with a half-serrated blade. Plus, it comes at a price point that won’t make you feel like you need to baby it or leave it in your desk drawer. It’s a knife that will actually get used. The knife in question? The Gerber Air Ranger.

the gerber air ranger knife closed laying on a small tray next to a watch and keys
Gear Patrol

The Backstory

A Lesser-Known Blade from a Trusted Brand

Since 1939, Gerber has been designing and producing knives in Portland Oregon. These days, while there are MANY options for pocket knives of all shapes and sizes with all kinds of blades -- and all sorts of price tags -- Gerber has maintained a strong reputation for producing affordable, high-quality knives.

At just $47, the Air Ranger is just one of many approachable Gerber knives, and perhaps one of the lesser appreciated ones. Yet sometimes, it’s the products that fly under that radar that are worth a closer look.

The Gist

The Sharpest Example of Functional Minimalism

A highly satisfying click as you push the blade out from the handle with your thumb again and again – that is the sound of quality design and engineering. With the Air Ranger in your hand, you find yourself doing this again and again. Thumb the blade out. Click it back into place. Thumb the blade out. Click it back into place. It feels just right (even if slightly menacing).

This is the gist of the Air Ranger, a simple, slightly tactical knife whose well-engineered design seems immediately obvious in the palm of your hand. Clocking in at 2.6 ounces with a partially serrated drop point 3.26-inch blade, the Air Ranger feels like the epitome of functional minimalism.

The only contestable design element may be the simple metal clip screwed into one side of the blade. Presumably, this clip would keep the blade attached to an Army Ranger’s boot or belt during a jump. Is it needed? Maybe not, but it’s so minimal and functional that we doubt you’ll remove it, even though it's quite easy to.


An Affordable and Highly Usable Knife

The thumb stud and locking mechanism make the Air Ranger extremely easy to operate with one hand. Combine this with the serrated blade, and the Air Ranger is immediately very appealing in our book. But, combine both of these features with the rugged crosshatch textured on the anodized handle, and it just feels like a perfect knife for not a lot of money.

Put another way, the Air Ranger has everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Price: $47


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