It's the Summer Solstice which means it's finally officially summer and the days are longer than ever. The best way to celebrate? Take advantage of the daylight and spend all that time riding your favorite trails. While spending long days on the bike is ideal— it can also be exhausting given the seasonal heat factor. So it's critical to prepare for the heat and long rides with the right gear, and Fox Racing has everything you need to take your mountain biking adventures even further this season.

Utility Hydration Pack

fox racing hydration pack
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fox racing hydration pack nozzle
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fox racing hydration pack back laying on rocks and dirt
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Whether you are doing a short ride or staying in the saddle for the longest day of the year, staying hydrated is vital. The key is finding gear that can hold your H20 without weighing you down. Look no further than the Utility Hydration Pack from Fox Racing. With six-liter storage capacity for all your essentials, including a two-liter HydraPak reservoir, you can compactly carry all the essentials you need to stay hydrated and comfortable in the saddle.

But it's not just the H2O that this pack delivers on— it's also loaded with additional features, including a key clip, helmet loop for when you’re not using your lid, and a magnetic hose retention system to keep it out of your way as you ride. Plus the fleece-lined pockets are perfect for keeping your phone, keys and wallet safe as you pedal on.

Price: $110


To Round Out The Kit

fox racing mountain bike ride kit with helmet, shorts, jacket, gloves, socks, shirt laying in red rock and dirt
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