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Reebok RealFlex

Natural running for an unnatural world


Natural running, while better for you, can still cause problems when done in a man-made environment like the gym and neighborhood roads. Repetitive forefoot strikes on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt without proper padding can lead to stress fractures, and no one wants those. Recognizing this pitfall, the Reebok RealFlex ($90) is designed accordingly. With 76 individually designed “sensors”, the RealFlex sole provides tailored protection while being 20% lower to the ground than traditional running shoes. The legion of sensors dampens heel strikes, prevents pronation and provides crucial forefoot protection, allowing the foot to move as it was intended to.

We’ve put the RealFlex through treadmill and urban runs, subjected them to all manner of circuit and resistance training and even spent time with them on stationary trainers. The verdict is good: RealFlex provides top-notch support, traction, and comfort. As for the sole? Well, we haven’t seen a sole quite like this one before, but the balance between cushion/support and flexibility is spot on. Now, about those TV commercials…

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