Kuat's New Bike Rack Is a Sleek, Streamlined Single-Tray Carrier

The Piston SR is a stripped-down, high-performance version of the popular Piston Pro X.

man putting a bike on the kuat piston bike rack on top of a car

Installing a bike rack, and then getting your bike onto the rack (especially if it's on the roof of your vehicle) used to be a daunting task. Racks were heavy, cumbersome and traditionally, a bit of an eyesore. Lifting and loading was unwieldy and annoying.

But, as progression continues to push the sport (and its accompanying equipment) forward, we're seeing more racks that can carry the load of a bike without weighing us down — and this new number from Küat is no exception. Say hello to the newest rack on the block: the Piston SR.

Küat's new release is a stripped-down, low-profile version of one of our favorite bike racks, and is built around quick loading. By integrating all of the Piston Pro X's award-winning tech into a smaller, sleeker package, Küat delivered a rack that appeals to weekend warriors and gram-counters alike.

Küat Piston SR

The Piston SR is manufactured with an all-metal construction, and feature an integrated high strand 10mm cable lock, the FastFit tool-free wheel chock system and genuine Kashima coated struts, as well as stainless steel and automotive grade hardware. The rack's OneTap hydro-pneumatic tire arms make sure there's no contact between bike and frame, and at 22 pounds, is easy to carry and install. Küat's new rack has a weight limit of 67 pounds and accommodates a 53-inch wheelbase and 5-inch tire width.

        The single rail rack was designed to mount anywhere (including factory, aftermarket, and t-channel crossbars), and is a lightweight addition to most set-ups: use it to accommodate an additional rider, or as a low-profile alternative to bulkier racks. Best of all? The Piston SR is $449, a fraction of the cost of its predecessor.

        The Piston SR will be available for pre-order starting this fall, and is scheduled to start shipping in spring 2023.

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