Your New Favorite Winter Sunglass Brand

On the ski slope or on the street.


When French optician Roger Pouilloux and alpine skier Jean Vuarnet met in 1957, Pouillox gave Vuarnet the pair of sunglasses he’d wear while winning the gold medal for downhill skiing at the 1960 Winter Olympics. VUARNET was born.

VUARNET has continued to expand upon its heritage ski foundations. Its frames have been embraced by Mick Jagger and James Bond alike. Plus, every pair features high-quality mineral glass lenses that block more UV lighting than plastic lenses. For a limited time, shop their classic glacier glasses as well as more casual styles in the Gear Patrol x Westerlind Pop-Up below.

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Glacier Sunglasses


You might recognize these sunglasses from the latest Bond movie, Spectre. Its leather side shields are removable for a more casual (or aerodynamic) look.

Buy Now: $600

Edge Round Sunglasses


The deep acetate rims on these sunglasses not only evoke vintage “sport chic” style, but protect the eyes from light.

Buy Now: $320

Cat Eye Sunglasses


This model, the first one created with Vuarnet, is the one Jean Vuarnet wore in the 1960 Winter Olympics. It features shape memory for optimal comfort while remaining durable.

Buy Now: $225

Round Swing Sunglasses


These 100% titanium sunglasses are ultra-light yet durable. Grab them in black or silver.


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