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Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove

Feets like a glove


It’s no secret we love our Vibram Five Fingers. But despite how their revolutionary take on footwear, there are still some downsides. Occasions that require “regular shoes” still exist, but lack the au natural feeling a pair of Five Fingers provide. Merrell’s take on a solution is designing a shoe-like, well, shoe that replicate the barefoot feeling. A look at the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove ($110) reveals a shape that looks far more natural than the average pair of running shoes: minimalist design, incredibly lightweight, and an unparalleled fit. We’ve logged in a fair share of miles trail running in the Barefoot Trail Glove and our take is that it’s similar to the Five Finger’s but offer additional protection against jagged rocks, rough terrain and other trail gotchas. It works well with and without socks and is machine washable for easy upkeep. Ready to make the barefoot switch or for a more protective companion to your Five Fingers, but prefer to avoid lacerations and chawed feet? Check out the Glove and no, it won’t fit your hand no matter how stubby your fingers are.

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