Giro's New Aries Spherical Is the Brand's Lightest Helmet Yet

At 270 grams, it's just a hair heavier than Apple's top-shelf iPhone.

man riding a bike wearing a giro bike helmet

Cyclists, get ready to celebrate: Giro has just released its lightest helmet yet, the Aries Spherical Helmet. At five percent lighter than the Aether — which previously set the benchmark for lightness and airflow — the Aries isn't just lighter and cooler by Giro's own standards; Virginia Tech ranked it as the number one helmet its labs have tested. Although Aries was the god of war, not speed (that would be Hermes) in Greek mythology, Giro is standing firm behind its claims that this is the most minimal, and powerful, helmet yet.

As the name suggests, Giro's new helmet features its proprietary Spherical Technology, the MIPS upgrade that relies on a unique ball-and-socket design that helps redirect impact forces. Alongside this innovative tech, the Aries also features Giro’s new Dry Core sweat management system, which uses an internal silicone bead to move moisture away from the brow, preventing it from dripping into the eyes and causing discomfort.

“A new high end road helmet from Giro always is big news, but the Aries Spherical is like nothing before,” said Peter Nicholson, Giro Brand Manager.

Weighing in at 270 grams for a size medium, the Aries is the most slim and streamlined of the brand's offering, but only by a hair; the Aether Spherical Helmet, Giro's previous "lightest helmet ever," is 280 grams. Still, a cut in weight is a cut in weight, and this one is achieved through a couple major design tweaks. First, Giro implemented the Aura II Reinforcement Arch, made with shatter resistant, translucent twin bridges that run throughout the helmet, providing structural integrity without added weight. Giro also included 24 air vents, full lower hardbody coverage and its adjustable Roc Loc 5+ Air fit system.

The brand-new Aries Spherical Helmet is available starting today in sizes small, medium and large, as well as six colorways.


Giro Aries Spherical Helmet

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