These Are the Most Svelte E-Bikes We’ve Ever Laid Eyes On

Riese & Müller’s new collection of e-bikes employs the Bosch PowerTube 500 to keep designs clean and free of bulk.


E-bikes wouldn’t exist without batteries, but power cells capable of propelling a bike up to 28 miles per hour are, understandably, bulky. And while the bicycle’s primary function is transportation, it’s also an object and a beautiful one at that. E-bike batteries disrupt the intricate engineering that makes bikes so alluring. However, e-bikes designs are getting more sophisticated every year, and Riese & Muller have just launched four new models that keep the tubes nice and slim.

The Supercharger, Supercharger Mountain, New Charger and New Charger Mixte use Bosch’s PowerTube 500 battery, introduced last summer, which integrates cleanly into bike frame tubes to minimize design obstruction and allows e-bike makers to keep designs minimal (the way they should be). Riese & Mu?ller have already succeeded in building great e-bikes, and its embrace of the new Bosch battery will only allow it to continue to push its designs.

With two batteries, the Supercharger makes an ideal e-bike for touring, while the Fox suspension-equipped Supercharger Mountain is best used on trails. The New Charger line is great for commuting and everyday riding.

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