Intelliskin Foundation Shirt 2.0

Stand Tall


Posture is an often overlooked element in any training or athletic environment. The premise is simple though: better posture leads to more efficient muscle engagement and cuts down on fatigue. What you may not realize is that those benefits can help in your day to day life as well. Intelliskin’s Foundation Shirt 2.0 ($95) provides crucial muscle compression, spinal alignment, and enhanced circulation necessary to combat wear and tear from repetitive activities and hard training. As performance apparel goes it gets a big thumbs up from us. While running a marathon or lifting weights may be obvious uses, other tasks such as long airline/car travel and prolonged bouts of sitting in front of your computer can also call for some added support. We’ve run our Foundation Shirt 2.0 through a range of activities and found it to be a welcome addition to our routine (gym and work). It may seem silly to don one under your suit, but not feeling beat up at the end of the day was a very nice change.

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