The Miniature Crossbow You Never Knew You Wanted

Hone your archery skills anywhere at anytime with one of Uncommon Carry’s many crossbow options. Let target practice commence.

Uncommon Carry


There’s a certain level of sophistication that goes into miniature or scaled down engineering. Watches have it, so do well-executed model trains, airplanes and cars. Sometimes, though, it’s good to add a sense of humor. The Bowman by Uncommon Carry has a sharp-looking handmade design, constructed from stainless steel and colored in gold, silver or black. But let’s be honest, it’s a mini crossbow that launches toothpicks, q-tips and matches (we won’t suggest lighting them first, but if it happens it happens.) Knowing it has a range of 30 to 50 ft, you could let it sit on your desk as a decoration or you could work on your target practice from across the office. The Uncommon Carry Bowman is fit for both, but we won’t be held responsible for any in-office shooting match beefs or trash fires.

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