These Italian-Made, Japanese-Designed Shoes Are a Crazy Jumble, in a Good Way

The Japanese and Chinese designers behind Flower MOUNTAIN pull inspiration from nature in order to make streetwear-worthy shoes for the city.


Japan has always been on the proactive side of embracing the style of outdoor equipment in everyday street apparel. It certainly makes sense that Japanese makers would look to heritage outdoor brands in the United States and Europe for inspiration (some of these companies have even gone so far as to make exclusive collections for the Japanese market). Japanese footwear maker Flower MOUNTAIN has gone a step further to draw directly from the primary source material, nature.

Flower MOUNTAIN isn’t just Japanese though — the brand started as a collaboration between designer Keisuke Ota from Tokyo and Yang Chao from Beijing. Their combined design experience has manifested physically with the help of the Italian footwear manufacturer Falc S.p.A. The shoes are as much of an amalgamation themselves, combining high-quality canvas, leather and mesh in trail running-inspired silhouettes with earthy patterns. Even with the heavy emphasis on the outdoors, Flower MOUNTAIN shoes exhibit a style that’s perhaps more in tune with fashion trends than hiker chic.

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