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This Switchblade Is Designed for Your EDC

The best knife is the knife that’s readily available, and Tekto Gear’s Mirage is one of the fastest-deploying blades built for any cutting task.





The point of owning an everyday carry knife is that it’s always there, that it’s always at-hand to serve any cutting need from opening packages to trimming cord. So it would follow that a good EDC blade is one that’s easy to access and easy to open — Tekto Gear’s Mirage is both.

The Mirage is a functional switchblade with a 3.5-inch Damascus steel pattern blade that’s deployed, rapidly, with the sliding of a two-way switch. The double-edged blade is both plain and serrated, so it’s handy for all types of cutting tasks. The handle is a zinc-aluminum alloy that’s skinned in a subtle digital camo print and also features a pocket clip for practical accessibility. For additional functionality, Tekto Gear added a window breaker to the butt of the Mirage.

If you want to add a switchblade to your EDC, you can use the code Gear25 at checkout for 25 percent off.

Note: Owning and carrying an automatic knife isn’t legal in every state due to the Federal Switchblade Act. You can check how the law works in your state here.

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