This Is the Only Utility Knife You’ll Ever Need

If anyone is going to update a classic utility tool, it better be the lauded creator himself.


Todd Rexford’s knifemaking acumen is so revered that a tactical folding knife made by him can easily go for $1,000 (or much, much more). He is without question one of America’s finest working knifemakers. Hence why his far more price-accessible utility knife, the RUT, has remained at the top of the EDC foodchain for years, and its latest model, the V3 Titanium, shows no signs of losing that spot.

Apart from the titanium body, the updated utility knife lives up to its name — a #2 flathead screwdriver, mini pry bar, bottle opener, can opener and an easy-to-clean, blacked-out blade (a backup blade ships with every order). The third version adds a bit driver that’s incorporated into the split-ring hole, covers up the lockbar and more of the inner mechanisms and improves blade tension in the closed position. It weighs less than an ounce, and its 3.5 inches long and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The new Rexford RUT V3 is available now, only on Gallantry.

Buy Now: $165

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