Designed with the Military in Mind, This Cooler Can Take on Pretty Much Anything

A rotomolded cooler that actually has a feature to accommodate a parachute landing.


The feature list on Speedbox’s Endurance-40 cooler is long and considered, and for good reason. Matt Summers, the brand’s founder, was fed up with the way he and his Special Forces colleagues were forced to pack their gear — tied down, inefficient and time-consuming — so he made a stackable, supremely tough container. As it turns out, it also made for a really badass cooler.

The Endurance 40 sports a shatter-resistant roto-molded polymer body, a design that allows them to stack and interlock together, cut out points for easy lifting as well as everything else you’d expect from a premium rugged cooler (solid wheels, foldup handle, drain, etc.). But, seeing as it was not initially designed as a quick-loading military cargo container, it also has slots to rig a parachute for emergency drops and a vent that, as the site reads, “equalizes atmospheric conditions inside and outside the box, preventing vapor-lock and ensuring quick access right off the aircraft.”

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