MasterCraft’s New Boat Will Let You Surf Anywhere

The newest boat from MasterCraft is the perfect way to hone in on your surfing skills, even if the lake is flat.


It’s reasonable to assume that surfing requires an ocean. This assumption, however, would be incorrect. In many mountain towns across the US, it’s common to find people surfing rivers. It’s serviceable, but still isn’t the same as surfing the ocean. The closest feeling to surfing in an ocean? Wake surfing.

Wake surfing requires a boat. And not just any boat, but a boat packed with technology that helps it to create a surfable wave out of its wake. One brand is leading the way in designing and crafting these types of boats: Master Craft.

This week, MasterCraft launched the X24, and it is the boat to buy for wake surfing. Thanks to an advanced ballast and tab system fitted to the rear of the boat, the X24 produces the best surfing waves outside of an ocean (and maybe Kelly Slater’s wave pool). The system combines a surf-specific hull (with up to 4,300-pounds of ballast) with MasterCraft Gen 2 Surf System.

But beyond its wave-making prowess, the X24 is also a killer luxury boat. 18 people will fit comfortably, and everyone’s gear can be stowed in the 106-cubic-feet of storage compartments that come standard with each boat. If you’re gearing up for a summer of water sports, the X24 is worth a look.

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