Safety Can Be Fast and Sexy, Giro’s New Helmet Proves It

Giro releases the Aether MIPS, a new road bike helmet that makes no compromises in providing the utmost in comfort, ventilation and safety – and it looks pretty damn good too.


Earlier today, Giro unveiled its latest cycling helmet, the Aether MIPS. Designers of cycling helmets are tasked with the technical challenge of creating protective headwear that’s as light as possible, provides as much ventilation as possible and is as comfortable as possible, while maintaining the ability to protect the skull from the worst-case-scenario crush of high-speed contact with pavement. It’s a seemingly impossible task, but the Aether MIPS avoids compromise and achieves success in every category.

MIPS, which is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is a technology that protects helmet-wearers from the complex directional physics at play during a crash and it represents a relatively new standard in helmet safety. Giro’s parent company BRG Sports has maintained a formal partnership with MIPS since early 2014, and the Aether MIPS represents how that relationship has paid off.

The new helmet debuts a new form of MIPS called Spherical, which integrates the rotational protection directly into the helmet with a two-shell construction. “We invented a new integration of MIPS that allows us to improve rotational energy management while truly optimizing comfort and ventilation,” says Scott Junker, Giro’s Helmet Product Manager. In the Aether MIPS, an outer shell sits on top of and moves independently from an inner shell, which makes contact with the head. The extra-protective glue that keeps them together is the MIPS tech. It’s much different from the liner-like form that MIPS usually takes in helmets.

The Aether MIPS succeeds in more than safety though. The helmet weighs 250 grams (roughly 8.82 ounces) in a size medium and scored impressively in aerodynamics tests against other Giro helmets and those of competitors too.

The Aether MIPS will be available on August 1st for $325, and you can look for it protecting the noggins of the BMC Racing Team in the upcoming Tour de France.

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