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7 New Bike Products You Should Definitely Know About

The Tour de France isn’t the only cycling event happening at the moment. Eurobike is the world’s largest annual bike industry tradeshow, and it’s a place where new products are revealed to the public.


Eurobike is the world’s largest bicycle trade show, and it brings together brands, enthusiasts and industry insiders from across the globe. It’s also a common launchpad for the newest bike products that will be released by companies over the coming weeks and months. Below are just a few upcoming launches from the cycling industry to pay attention to.

CeramicSpeed Driven Drivetrain

CeramicSpeed’s Driven drivetrain has already won the Eurobike Award, which commends design within the bike industry. The system eliminates the chain and opts for a shaft and bearings instead. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but the key takeaway is that there’s a lot less friction in the system — CeramicSpeed claims it to be the most efficient drivetrain available. In fact it’s 99 percent efficient. That’s compared to Shimano Dura-Ace with CeramicSpeed parts that comes in at 98.5 percent efficiency. That may not sound like a lot, but at the highest level, that half percent is the difference between the yellow jersey and the middle of the pack.

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Elite Fuoripista Trainer

Eurobike is a good venue to encounter the unexpected, like this trainer by Elite that’s part modern art, with the idea being it’s pretty enough not to hide in a garage or crammed into a closet. It’s wood, glass and aluminum and pairs with Zwift and other training software.

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Giro Aether Helmet

The Aether officially launched ahead of the show last week. It represents a big step for helmet tech — check out our full preview here.

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Wahoo Expands the Kickr Training Product Family

Wahoo is expanding on its popular Kickr indoor trainer in more than one way. First, there’s the Headwind, a sensor-controlled smart fan that’ll adapt its speed as you pick up the pace. Then there’s the Kickr Core, a pared-down version of the original model.

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Crane Creek eeSilk Seatpost

As gravel riding continues to increase in popularity, so does the docket of specialized components that enhance the experience. Crane Creek designed this seatpost to mitigate some of the bumps and vibrations encountered on such a ride.

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Lezyne Mega GPS Computers

Who says bike computers should be small? Lezyne’s Mega GPS computers focus on user-experience with bigger screens that can display more information and best-in-class batteries.

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Silca Sicuro

Last but not least, a super-light water bottle cage made of aerospace-grade titanium. Yes.

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