Want Custom Bikepacking Gear? This Is the Brand to Know

Rockgeist was founded in 2014 in North Carolina, and is bringing its gear expertise to the growing world of bikepacking.

As activities gain in popularity and move from hardcore-only to the mainstream, the industry responds. You notice the shift when big brands embrace highly-specific products, as Osprey did this year with its “superultralight” Levity backpack. Trends afford companies like Osprey the economic viability to produce those niche products, but they also open up more space for smaller, enthusiast-oriented brands to thrive. Right now, bikepacking is having a moment.

Rockgeist is one of the small brands that’s harnessing the current interest in bikepacking to create a space for itself in the highly-populated bike industry. The company was started in 2014 as a custom maker of multi-day endurance racing equipment. It hasn’t lost the custom angle in the intervening years, but it has begun to cater to less diehard riders.

Rockgeist’s bags are top-notch too. It’ll work with you to build the best bag for your bike and preferred riding style, using the finest materials available. Its high-end Fiber Flight line, which uses X-Pac, Dyneema and cuben fiber hybrid fabrics, serves as a notable example of product that comes as a result of the brand’s small size working in its favor (and ours).

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