Oakley Airbrake

Flip Out


Snow goggles are snow goggles, right? Well, if you don’t care much about ’em, then yes. But if poor fit and feel, changing weather and slope conditions get you down on your way down, then pay a visit to the Oakey Airbrake, rife with the kind of technology that will make your time on the mountain more fun and more hassle-free. We got our hands on a pair and gave them a whirl.

Okay, so the interchangeable lens thing has been done. But how easy is it? Oakley takes their Switchlock Technology from their other eyewear and transplants it in the Airbrake. No finagling and fussing, just flip, switch and lock. We were even able to make the switch with a pair of medium thickness gloves on. Two lenses are included and can run the conditions range from overcast to full-on supernova (okay, so we exaggerate). You can even purchase additional lenses to go full-custom, plus each lens is ANSI Z87.1 rated impact resistant, not that you’ll need it at your stratospheric skill level. We loved the comfort the Airbrake imparted to our frozen faces. The O Matter chassis is flexible on top of a rigid frame and provides a great fit, but our favorite part was the triple layer polar fleece that keeps you warm and pressurized even in wet conditions. Fog was not even a remote worry, thanks to the F3 Anti-Fog technology via dual vented lenses. The Airbrake felt good and performed well through a full day on the slopes, and it looked pretty darned good all the while. If you can’t pick one of the many colors available, you’ve got other issues. The best part? As always, they’re made in the good old US of A.

Buy Now: $220

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