These New Chef’s Knives Aren’t for Cooking Indoors

Car camping lets you bring as much gear as a vehicle can hold, and that means you can cook with full-sized knives like these.


The benefit of car camping and overlanding is that, unlike in backpacking, you don’t have to carry your gear. You’re also afforded all of the storage of a vehicle’s trunk and roof, which means you don’t have to go ultralight if you don’t want to. You can bring a tent big enough to stand up in and a full-sized air mattress instead of a sleeping pad. Adventuring by vehicle also allows you to take more seriously one of the most important aspects of backcountry travel, meal prep, by trading out your pocket knife for a proper chef’s blade.

That’s the concept driving Prometheus Design Werx’s new SPD Field Kitchen Knife Set. PDW’s approach to outdoor cooking is multi-pronged. Aesthetics are important — the knives are good-looking with handles made of maple — but utility and practicality aren’t forgotten. The set comes with a six-inch chef’s knife and a four-inch paring knife so that you have blades for various cutting tasks, and the maple box that they come in unfolds and functions as a cutting surface. The steel used in these knives (Carpenter CTS BD1N) isn’t commonly found in cooking blades but is known for its high resistance to corrosion and edge retention, so you won’t have to fuss over them as much as you might with the knife in your kitchen at home.

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