The North Face’s Most Exclusive Collection Is Coming to the US

The North Face Purple Label is a highly sought-after streetwear brand that, until now, has only been available in Japan.

If you’ve ever seen a label on a garment by The North Face that’s purple in hue with white text, you’ve witnessed a rarity. That garment was made by The North Face Purple Label, a hard-to-get, outdoor-inspired streetwear brand that, until this year, has only been available in Japan.

The reason behind that scarcity is that the Purple Label brand isn’t actually associated with The North Face that exists in North America — VF Corporation, a US-based company, own the latter while the former is owned by Goldwin, which is based in Tokyo. Goldwin has maintained the rights to sell The North Face in Japan and South Korea while VF controls the territory everywhere else, hence the dearth of Purple Label.

But, according to GQ, the two companies recently agreed how best to bring Purple Label to the international market. This doesn’t mean the brand’s products will be easy to get though — the international Purple Label line will only be available at The North Face’s recently opened Williamsburg, Brooklyn concept location starting on Wednesday, January 23rd, and to get in on the action, you’ll have to reserve a spot (and you’ll only be able to purchase two things).

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