This New All-in-One Camping Hammock Could Replace Your Tent

Kammok just revealed the Mantis, an all-in-one camping hammock that uses integrated features and an easy setup.


Camping hammocks aren’t new. The idea has been around since sailors made their berths in suspended sheets of canvas, but more recently outdoor companies have begun constructing them from ultralight ripstop nylon. Now, they’re packable and comfortable enough to replace tents, and Kammok’s newest hammock, the Mantis, is uniquely outfitted to do just that.

For the past few years, Kammok has been producing some of the best camping hammocks available and accessories like mosquito nets and rain tarps to go with them. The Mantis stands apart by combining all of these into a unified system. The hammock, which is certified to hold up to 500 pounds, uses a corded ridge to suspend its included bug net above it. That net zips onto the hammock’s perimeter and, once anchored to the ground by a pair of tent stakes, creates ample space for sleeping (as well as two pockets near the head for stashing small items).

The included rain fly is separate, as is also true for most tents, but Kammok designed it to float above the Mantis for adequate protection during inclement weather. Kammok aimed to make the entire system as easy to deploy as possible, and details such as knotless and adjustable guy lines and girth hitch-style straps help the Mantis hit that mark. It may seem like there are a lot of moving parts here, but they function together in such a way that setup remains quick and uncomplicated. Plus, at just over 2.5 pounds and under two pounds in its ultralight version, the Mantis proves itself to be a capable tent alternative for those looking to carry less on the trail.

The Mantis and Mantis UL are currently available for preorder on Kickstarter for $189 and $215, respectively.

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