This Minimalist Pocket Knife Is Perfect for Father’s Day

Deejo’s minimally-designed pocket knives are extremely light and can be fully customized through its online MyDeejo tool.


A custom folding pocket knife can be the perfect heirloom-worthy Father’s Day present, but cost often prohibits most people from gifting one. Deejo is here to solve that problem with its MyDeejo online platform. Through MyDeejo, you can customize one of the brand’s ultralight folding frame lock knives to make it perfect for any dad’s style. That includes choosing the finishing, like “tattooing” the chisel-ground 420 stainless steel blade with one of over 60 illustrations, selecting the material for the handle, or engraving the handle with the text of your choice. The custom knives are available in three different sizes (15 grams, 27 grams and 37 grams) and start at just $24 (for the 15-gram size). If you’re in the market for a unique pocket knife to call your own, look no further.

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