Ridekick Electric Bicycle Trailer

Just the push you need


Electric bicycles present a nice compromise to green commuters who are slightly apprehensive about relying solely on their own stamina to get around. Unfortunately, they’re expensive (usually $1,000 and up). The Ridekick electric bicycle trailer ($700) can add up to a 19 mph electric push to any existing bike, making it a more affordable solution for cyclists in search of some help compared to buying an entirely new rig. Initial installation on most bikes takes less than 12 minutes and involves attaching the mounting mechanism to the rear wheel, running a simple throttle control to the handle bars, and attaching the trailer. After that, the device can snap on and off the bike frame in under 30 seconds. Besides providing power, the small trailer has room for a briefcase or a bag of groceries and is designed to maintain stability and ride comfort even when fully loaded. A weather resistant storage case with a combination lock is also included when it’s time to pack up. The Ridekick’s overall range is pegged at 8-12 miles on a full charge and short of doping it’s the quickest way to speed up your commute we’ve seen in a while.

Buy Now: $700

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