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8 Things Tracksmith Founder Matt Taylor Has in His Cart

Matt Taylor shares his current list of everything a runner wants outside of running gear.


If you’re a serious runner, you probably know Tracksmith — the running brand that you’ll catch on every starting line — particularly around Boston, as the brand calls Beantown home. Back in the summer of 2014, the running world was missing some non-neon kits, and so after almost ten years in the running space (and a stint at Puma), Pittsburgh native Matt Taylor launched the independent running brand for runners — those who love the sport whether they’re logging miles on the trail or road. Tracksmith is known for its minimalist running kits that stand out in a sea of cut-outs, volt colors and all-black jerseys. As for the name? Break it down: “Track” hints at the running focus and “smith” alludes to the obsession with top-notch quality.

All the runners on staff are pretty much smitten with the gear Tracksmith makes, so we’re curious what strikes the fancy of the founder himself. While you can find Taylor running in head to toe Tracksmith, here are the non-running good he covets.


Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

“Crisp, fresh, really nice. It’s the perfect deodorant,” Taylor says. Throw this in your gym bag to use post-workout and pre-work.

Buy Now: $18

Tracksmith x Forestbound Tote Bag

This is Tracksmith’s first collection with Forestbound, another New England-based company. Taylor is a fan of Alice Saunders, and “we’ve been talking about making a bag together for years,” he says. “I’m so excited that we finally made it happen.” The bag will become his go-to gym carryall, with enough room to store all the gear he needs to head to the Cape on the weekends.

Buy Now: $228

Blackwing Volumes Subscription

“I come from a family of craftsmen and furniture makers, so I grew up with pencils all over the house,” Taylor says. A recent photo shoot with photographer Emily Maye, also a pencil aficionado, nudged Taylor to swap his pens for pencils. “This Blackwing subscription would be the perfect way to keep a fresh supply in rotation at all times.”

Buy Now: $99

A Pre-Indiglo Timex Vintage IronMan Watch

“My first running watch in the early ’90s was a Timex Ironman, with the Indiglo light,” Taylor says. “I’ve pretty much run with an Ironman watch my entire life, but I’d love an early edition from the late ’80s.”

Buy Now: $65

1999 PUMA Harambee Track Spikes:

“I bought my first pair of these track spikes in college and, for me, they were the gold standard,” Taylor says. He ran for Yale on the cross-country and track teams in the ’90s. “I had a pair of Adidas that were specific to the steeplechase, but I wore the Harambees in everything else. Now that I’m back to racing on the track, I want to find the pair I wore 20 years ago.”

Buy Now: $55

The Purple Runner, Paul Christman:

“I’ve always heard about this book, but copies are hard to come by,” Taylor says. Hence the $59 price for a paperback book from 1983. The book tells the tale of two runners who cross paths in Hampstead Heath, one of Taylor’s favorite running spots in London.

Buy Now: $59

Hill Farmstead Beer

Based in Greensboro Bend, Vermont, Hill Farmstead is on the list of all budding and experienced beer drinkers. It made our list of beers to drink before you die and has won best brewery in the world for the past five years. “Hill Farmstead is on my short list of beers I need to drink but haven’t yet. We’ve done a number of photoshoots nearby in Vermont, but our timing is always off, and we’re never able to visit when they’re open. I would imagine one of their saisons, like Arthur, would be the perfect post-run summer beer.

Learn More: Here

Restored 1968 Boston Whaler Nauset

For Taylor’s final item, he reached for the stars. “Because who doesn’t want a boat? The 16-foot Boston Whaler is the perfect little boat for summers on the water.” You, too, can pick one up for a cool $17,900 — and it’ll be perfect for Cape weekends.

Buy Now: $17,900

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